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This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) explains the way we Process the Personal Information that we collect from you in the course of providing Services to you, when you use the U Mobile Group Sites or visit any of our office branches or U Mobile stores, or when you interact with us as part of our business including calling our helpdesk, taking part in a survey or trial, entering a promotion or campaign, attending our events or generally enquiring about our products or services. This Notice will apply in all of these instances. We will protect and maintain your privacy in accordance with this Notice. This Notice forms part of and shall be read together with all other terms and conditions applicable to the Services that you use. This Notice is applicable only if you are a natural person.


In the event of any conflict between the English and other language versions, the English version shall prevail.


In this Notice:-


The meaning of general words is not limited by specific examples introduced by “including” or “for example” or “such as” or similar expressions.


“Our Network” means the network owned or operated by us and includes our international and domestic service providers’ network;


“Personal Information" means any information in our possession or control that relates directly or indirectly to you (or any other individual) to the extent that you (or the other individual) are identified or identifiable from that information or from that and other information in our possession.;


Process” includes the handling of Personal Information such as collecting, recording, holding, storing, using and disclosing.


Services” means any service or products offered by U Mobile Group through our Network or the U Mobile Group Sites;


“U Mobile” means U Mobile Sdn. Bhd. Registration No. 199101013657 (223969-U);


 U Mobile Group” or “us” or “we’ means U Mobile and its subsidiaries;


U Mobile Group Sites” means U Mobile Group’s websites including social media, WAP portal, mobile applications, programs and any other sites or portals that we own or operate; and


Agreement to Processing of your Personal Information


By providing your Personal Information or obtaining the Services or by visiting or using the U Mobile Group Sites or interacting with us, you acknowledge and consent to your Personal Information being Processed by us and disclosed to any member of U Mobile Group or to third parties according to this Notice.


If you provide Personal Information about someone other than yourself (for example about your family members if you have acquired and is responsible for a Service that they will use), we rely on you to inform them that you are providing their Personal Information to us and to ensure they have consented to you giving us their information. By giving their Personal Information, you are regarded to have obtained their consent for disclosure of their Personal Information to us.


If you are under the age of 18, please ask your parent or legal guardian to review this Notice before providing us with your Personal Information and you are required to ensure that your parents or legal guardian consent on your behalf to the Processing of your Personal Information as described in this Notice.


Types of Personal Information we collect


The Personal Information we collect depends on your interaction with us, the types of Services you use or subscribe to or the U Mobile Group Sites you visit. The information we collect include:


  • your name, profile pictures, photos or avatar, date of birth, nationality, gender, race, marital status, address, email address, phone number, device number, preferred language, biometric identifiers,;
  • your particulars of identity documents including NRIC or passport number;
  • your bank account and/or payment card details;
  • your personal interests and preferences for particular products, services or lifestyle activities when you tell us what they are or when we assume what they are based on how you use our Services;
  • your contact with us, such as a note or recording of a call you make to one of our service centers or contact centres, an email or letter you send to us, and other records of any contact you have with us;
  • your account information, such as dates of payment owed and received; top-up information; the subscription services you use; and any other information to do with your account;
  • your financial information such as your income, income tax or credit history to establish your financial standing, creditworthiness or suitability for any of our Services applied for (if required);
  • your security information used for authentication or payment passwords;
  • your information provided in surveys and promotions;
  • your image captured through our video surveillance cameras.


We also collect and Process details of your usage of our Services including:-


  • phone numbers that you call or send messages to (or the phone numbers that you receive these calls and messages from);
  • the level of service you receive, for example network faults and other network events which may affect our Services;
  • the date, duration, time and cost of the calls and messages you send or receive through our Network and your location at the time these communications took place, the type (but not content) of any files sent by you via such communications and U Mobile Group Sites, including access to content, uploads and downloads (including the amount of data used), your IP address and internet browsing data, by using cookies (small text files stored in your browser) and other techniques. This allows us to customise our website for you so that it is relevant to your interests and needs. You can choose to refuse cookies or you can set your browser to let you know each time that a website tries to set a cookie; and
  • your digital financial services transaction history such as information that you provide through your interactions with merchants including the products and services you have purchased from these merchants.


Obligatory or voluntary Personal Information


Your Personal Information that we collect may be obligatory or voluntary. The information which are required in the registration or application form (marked with *) including forms via the U Mobile Group Sites, are examples of obligatory information that you need to provide to enable us to Process your application and subsequently provide Services to you. Other obligatory information includes the information referred to above under “Types of Personal Information we collect”. Such Personal Information is collected automatically and if you do not agree to provide such obligatory information we will not be able to or continue to provide the relevant Services or we may limit the provision of the relevant Services.


Sensitive Personal Information


We generally do not require sensitive Personal Information about you for the provision of Service to you unless required by applicable laws. If you do not want sensitive Personal Information collected, please do not submit it. “Sensitive Personal Information” includes any Personal Information as to the physical or mental health or condition, political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, the commission or alleged commission of any offence.


Ways of Collecting Personal Information


Your Personal Information is collected through various methods and channels directly from you, automatically when you use the U Mobile Group Sites or Services through cookies and other similar technologies, from our own records of how you use our Services or from third parties, including:

  • When you complete a registration or application for Services, service order, direct debit form or similar forms, or as a supplier or service provider, whether online or otherwise;
  • When you use our Network and Services;
  • When you ask us for more information about a product or service or contact us with a question or complaint;
  • When you make payment to us;
  • From third parties like credit reporting agencies, fraud prevention agencies, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and other government entities;
  • From merchants and other business partners and distribution channels with whom you interact in connection with the Services or U Mobile Group Sites,
  • From publicly available sources of information like market research providers and business directories;
  • When you visit the U Mobile Group Sites, online store, Facebook page and other pages that we own and manage;
  • When you visit external pages through our portals;
  • When you submit your Personal Information through the U Mobile Group Sites;
  • When you enter any contests or promotions or respond to our surveys or questionnaires or request information from us or when you attend our events;
  • When you contact U Mobile Group by phone. These calls may be recorded for training, quality and business purposes;
  • From our mobile base stations and other equipment that may collect information about your usage (including location-based information);
  • From our video surveillance recordings that may record your image when you enter our service centres as part of our security requirements;
  • From parties that we nominate or appoint either solely or with other service providers, for purposes of establishing and maintaining a common database where we have a legitimate common interest;
  • When you apply for a job with us.


Purpose of Collecting and Processing Personal Information


We may Process your Personal Information for one or more of the following purposes:-

  • to Process your application to become a customer;
  • to verify your identity or to assess your creditworthiness by conducting appropriate checks;
  • to provide the Services to you;
  • to conduct planning, provisioning and billing for the Services provided by us ;
  • to protect and defend our rights or property and the interests of our customers or others including to investigate, respond to, or defend claims involving the U Mobile  Group;
  • to establish and maintain a common database of our customers with other service providers or with parties nominated by us;
  • to keep you informed generally about our products and services and to contact you with offers or promotions based on how you use our products and services including through the use of third-party service providers such as ad-serving/targeting platforms;
  • to provide the relevant service or product to you, which includes other services not included in your agreement with us and to contact you with service-related messages about changes to the service or product;
  • to inform you about products and services offered by other companies (including offers and discounts that we have specially negotiated for our customers) that we think may interest you;
  • to send public service announcements or seasonal greetings messages either on our behalf or on behalf of third parties whom we think may interest you; 
  • to understand how our different customers use our Network, products and services so we can develop relevant products and services for our customers, as well as personalise the products and services we offer you;
  • to derive insights about you and who you interact with to identify market segments, market products and services, or carry out market research;
  • to supplement, match and analyse information about you with information from third party sources (e.g. from Facebook or Google) to learn more about your preferences and interests and to create aggregated market segments;
  • to carry out research and statistical analysis on customer use of our Network, and products and services to develop new products and services;
  • to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and to provide assistance to law enforcement, judicial or other government agencies;
  • to maintain records required for security, claims or other legal purposes;
  • to deal with enquiries or complaints and other customer care activities relating to our Network or our Services;
  • facilitate the transfer of the mobile telephone number you have obtained from us to use with the Services to another service provider;
  • to train our staff and manage quality assurance;
  • for the purpose of preventing or detecting a crime, or for the purpose of investigations or to recover debts or trace those who owe us money;
  • if required or authorized by or under any law or by the order of a court;
  • to protect our Network and to manage the volume of calls, messages and other use of our Network;
  • to manage and improve our Network, our Services and U Mobile Group Sites;
  • to maintain, develop, test and upgrade our systems and infrastructure;
  • employment-related purposes (e.g.. verifying your work experience or undertaking criminal or reference checks when you apply for a job with us;
  • to manage our suppliers and service providers including to assess your suitability to engage in a business transaction;
  • for any purposes set out in the terms of use on our website or mobile applications or terms of service for our services or terms relating to promotions, campaigns or contests, or our Fair Usage Policy;
  • for all other purposes in relation to or incidental to the above.


Third Parties Who May Have Access to Your Personal Information


In the course of providing you with our Services, your Personal Information may be disclosed among U Mobile Group for the purposes stated above and certain third parties that U Mobile Group works with including: -

  • Credit providers or credit reporting agencies or fraud prevention agencies;
  • Our business partners, strategic partners, service and content providers and contractors who are involved in delivering any part of our Services to you;
  • Our dealers and agents that work with us to provide our Services or that market and sell our Services;  
  • Our mobile phone manufacturers and repairers;
  • Our professional advisors including lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and auditors, on a need to know basis;
  • Debt collection agencies and other parties that assist with debt-recovery functions;
  • Any financial institutions, merchants, payment card operators and card associations in relation to any payment card (whether virtual or otherwise) issued to you by us;
  • Payment channels including financial institutions for purposes of maintaining financial records, assessing or verifying credit and facilitating payments of any amount due to us;
  • Parties that we appoint or with other service providers  to establish and maintain a common database where we have a legitimate common interest;
  • Law enforcement bodies to assist in their functions, Courts of law or as otherwise required or authorised by law;
  • Regulatory, government bodies or other authorities if required or authorized to do so to discharge any regulatory function, under any law or in relation to any order or judgment of a court or for the purpose of detection or prevention of crime, unlawful activities or fraud or for the apprehension or prosecution of offenders, or for an investigation relating to any of these
  • Any organization that buy us or if we are reorganized or if we sell any part of our business or assets where any Personal Information we hold about you will be transferred;
  • Other service providers when you have made calls over or used their networks, for billing and service resolution purposes.


Security of Personal Information


We will implement all appropriate measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your Personal Information. We will take steps to ensure that the third parties who receive the Personal Information will protect your privacy, keep your Personal Information secure and Process it in accordance with applicable law. We will enter into appropriate contracts with the third parties, which set out sufficient guarantees in respect of the technical and organisational security measures governing the Processing of your Personal Information and ensuring that the third parties take reasonable steps to comply with those measures.


Retention of Personal Information


We will only retain your Personal Information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) for which it was collected or to comply with any legal, regulatory or other legitimate business requirements.  We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all irrelevant or excessive Personal Information is destroyed or made anonymous as soon as reasonably possible.


Transfer of Personal Information to Places outside Malaysia


We may need to transfer your Personal Information to a place outside Malaysia for the Processing of your Personal Information as part of our provision of Services to you or if you use the Services while visiting countries outside Malaysia. You consent to us transferring your Personal Information outside Malaysia in these instances.  We will take reasonable precautions to ensure that any suppliers or service providers involved in the Processing of your Personal Information are contractually bound not to use your Personal Information for any reason other than to provide the Services and to adequately safeguard your Personal Information.


Marketing Communications


Upon subscribing to our services, you will be receiving marketing communications about products and services based on your preferences and interests from us and our selected merchants and strategic partners which includes promotions, marketing materials and information on future events.  If you do not intend to receive or continue receiving these marketing communications or should you change your mind in relation to your previous decision, you may opt-out of such marketing communications by contacting us via the contact details provided below. Please note that if you opt out, we will stop sending you marketing communications, but we will continue sending you communications that relate to the Services we provide to you.


Link to Third Party Sites and Services


This Notice applies solely to U Mobile Group Sites and Services. If any part of U Mobile Group Sites links you to third party sites and services, those other sites and services do not operate under this Notice and we do not accept any responsibility or liability arising from those other sites and services. Any Personal Information that you make available on such third party sites or for the subscription of such third party services will be subject to the relevant third party’s privacy notice (if any) and not to our Notice. Before disclosing your Personal Information on such third party site or subscribing to such third party services, you should check that third party’s privacy notice.


Use of Cookies


The information that we collect automatically when you use the U Mobile Group Sites and Services is collected through cookies and other similar technologies. We use cookies for a number of purposes, including storing your preference for certain types of information or products, further analysis for the purpose of providing products and services to you, to improve our products or to personalize our services to you. You may adjust settings on your browser or mobile device so that you will be notified when you receive a cookie or other similar tracking tools. Please refer to your browser documentation to check if the tracking tools have been enabled on your computer or mobile device or to request not to receive cookies or to disable cookies if you do not wish to have information collected via the use of cookies. If you disable cookies you may not be able to access the U Mobile Group Sites.


Your Rights to Access and Correct Your Personal Information


We can assist you to access and correct your Personal Information held by us. Where you wish to have access to or where you wish to correct any of your own Personal Information, you may access and correct your Personal Information directly through your online account at our self-care portal or mobile application or by contacting us through the contact details provided at the end of this Notice.


You must state specifically the Personal Information that you wish to access or correct. We may use our discretion in allowing the access and corrections requested and may take steps to verify your identity including requiring further documentary evidence and details about your request to avoid fraud and inaccuracy, before we are able to respond to your request.


We will endeavour to revert with your request within twenty one (21) days upon receipt of your request; if you make the request through methods other than the self-care portal or the mobile application. We may charge a fee for fulfilling your request.


There are some exceptions where we may refuse your request for access or correction of Personal Information including for example, when we are unable to confirm your identity or it is prohibited under the law. We will notify you accordingly in such an event.


Exercising Choices over the Disclosure, Retention and Use of Your Personal Information and Withdrawal of Consent


Subject always to our contractual rights and obligations under relevant laws and regulations, you may exercise your choice in respect of the use or the extent of use of your Personal Information. You may also withdraw your consent to the Processing of any Personal Information that we hold about you. Should you wish to do so, you may write to us by using the contact details provided at the end of this Notice.


Please be aware that if you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide you with the Services you want and this may lead to termination of any contract that we have with you for such Services or you may not be able to access the U Mobile Group Sites.


Your Obligation to Provide Accurate and Complete Personal Information


You are responsible for providing accurate and complete information to us about yourself and any other person whose Personal Information you provide us and for updating this Personal Information as and when it becomes incorrect or out of date by contacting us.


Revision to Privacy Notice


This Notice may be revised from time to time and the updated version shall apply and supersede any and all previous versions. If we make any changes to this Notice, we will post the changes on www.u.com.my. If you continue to use the Services or the U Mobile Group Sites after such posting, you will be regarded as having agreed to those changes. If you do not agree to such changes, you may terminate your relevant Services contract with us or stop using the U Mobile Group Sites.


Contact details


Should you have any queries or concerns in relation to this Notice or how we handle your Personal Information, kindly contact us at the following contact points:

A. For telecommunication services B. For digital financial services

1. Write in to:


Customer Relation Manager






11th Floor, East, Berjaya Times Square,
1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

1. Write in to:


Customer Service Manager




11th Floor, East, Berjaya Times Square,
1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

2. Call us at:


Telephone No:
+6018 388 1318 or 1318 (if using U Mobile phone)

2. Call us at:


GoPayz hotline018 388 3388

GoBiz hotline018 388 2929

3. Access to your online account:


a. Self-care portal at u.com.my; or

b. Mobile application: MyUMobile app.






3. Access to your online account at:


a. For e-wallet services: www.gopayz.com.my

b. For merchant payment processing services: www.gobiz.com.my

c. Mobile application:

For e-wallet service: GoPayz app

For merchant payment processing services: GoBiz app

4. Walk-in to our Service Centres -
C. For WeGoMY Website

D. For Mini Programs

1. Write in to:


Head of Digital Ecosystem & Services




11th Floor, East, Berjaya Times Square,
1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

1. Write in to:


Head of Digital Ecosystem & Services




11th Floor, East, Berjaya Times Square,
1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

2. Access and enquire through WeGoMY website at www.wegomy.biz

2. Access and enquire through Mini Program: Go to WeChat Go Malaysia Mini Program

Version: 13 January 2022

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